Career Department

Careers HOD

Our Mission

To seek to help students to ;

  • Identify
  • Prepare for
  • Enter into;
The various places of service through;
  • Career advising
  • Job searching assistance

Message From the Head of Department - Madam Dinah Mnangat

By providing career services, we complement the quality of our education with the tools and skills necessary to enter a career. As our students move further to the higher institutions of learning, they are already prepared to receive career related assistance from the many resources available through the career department.

The Careers office works in liaison with the Director of Studies where certain directives are received and incorporated. We mainly focus on;

1. Career Action Plan

This has to do with the strengths and performances of students in various areas and helping them to choose subjects that would place them in their rightful career positions.

2. Networking Tips

We advise students on the appropriate colleges to join where their creers can be developed. As they join these colleges, they are in a better position to get into institutions that would employ them and help them realize their dreams in their respective areas.

3. Career Development

We advise students on how to build their careers and reach their pick alongside working.

Currently this department is headed by Mrs. Dinah Mnang’at and Deputized by Mr. Aguok Nyaoro