Guidance and Counseling Department

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Message From the Head of Department - Mr. Kaira Waithanji

The life of a typical high school student is one full of uncertainty and turmoil. It is a time of increasing stress with influences of accountability from high stakes test taking to pressure from peers.

High school is a time of life altering transition that can wreak havoc on student’s abilities to make good decisions for the welfare of themselves and others.

High school students are often looking for a place to belong. They rely heavily on their peer groups to learn what types of behaviours are rewarded with reactions they feel to be positive, often at the expense of reason and good judgement.

The high school counselor’s job is many and sundry when dealing with high school students. It is a highly demanding job with expertise needed in psychology counseling methods and career guidance. However, when you see the result of your hard work pay off in the form of students maturing and moving on to become successful and confident citizens, high school counseling can be a highly rewarding career.

I’m often asked what counseling and psychotherapy really are. In a nutshell, I’d say that the process, however long or short it may be, is about assisting you to achieve emotional and personal growth while gaining deeper self-insight a space where you can relax.

The department is vibrant under the following leadership

  • Mr. Kaira Waithanji - H.O.D
  • Mrs. Margaret Kibet - Counselor
  • Mrs. Zawadi Omina - Counselor