Library Department

Message From the Head of Department - Mr. Major Kazi

Ideally, any institution of learning thrives on libraries for acquisition of knowledge and as a reference point and back up for knowledge already gained. Because of this, any member of our community should strategize to make the most out of our reference books, text books, journals, periodicals, newspapers’ to name but a few in our beautiful library. Any member who would like to benefit immensely should develop self drive and focus in what to do so as to reach these pieces of knowledge. It is sad to realize that most people look at the building as a library! But a library contains that pocket diary you have!

All library users should take good care of the books, replace them when lost and students should ensure they have ID cards to enable them get books on loan and avoid impersonation.

All our programmes are computerized. It is my humble prayer that we all look for ways of benefiting most from this beautiful facility. Major Kazi H.O.D


Students doing personal sttudies